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How to Invest with Gold in My IRA – Ideas and Investment Options

I decided to jump into a pool with gold. We now have to make the decision about where and how our IRA will acquire gold. Due to the popularity of gold, finding impartial information online can be difficult. There are few independent advisors. And unlike many gold brokers/dealers, they aren't very loud. This list has some gold investment tips that I found useful. Visit gold IRA rollover before reading this.

Investment Options in Gold IRA.

Bullion Bars – actual gold bars. These can run up to 10 grand depending on the gold price. My IRA bought the gold. As such, I wouldn't be able to hold the bar nor see it. But the fact that an actual bar has physical weight is what influenced my choice.

Although coins are a real physical entity, some types of gold coins cannot be placed in an IRA. They must not be rare or collectible. Further information can be found online about gold coin - though they should not be rare or collectible if the coins are going to be stored in an IRA.

Gold Exchange-Trade Funds (derivatives that track gold ounce values up and down) No matter how simple it may sound, I refuse to buy derivatives from my IRA.

These certificates are basically a proof that your IRA is holding X number of bullion.

Mining Company Stock/Gold Mutual Funds. It's self-explanatory. It doesn't matter which company I am in, I won't mess with stocks now.

Some call it egold. For me they seem the same as bullion, since that's the place where my IRA money is going and I'm buying that.

My IRA is being directed to gold for insurance. In other words, I want diversification and to spread possible losses across different investment options. I don't want to spend money on storage and transport for bars and coins. I have no desire to invest in stocks. Also, I refuse to sell, trade, or buy anything that is derived from actual things. I want it to be quick and painless. Online trading in gold is my choice.

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