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Restore Your Balance With Mushrooms

Mushrooms have many health benefits - they are low in calories and high in nutrients such as iron, zinc, chitin (vegetable protein), fiber, essential amino acid, vitamins, and minerals. Mushrooms have also been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a very long time. Recent studies have confirmed their legendary benefits in promoting health, vitality and increasing the body's adaptability. Recent studies have shown that mushrooms are probiotics - they strengthen our bodies and help fight illness by maintaining physiological balance - restoring the body's natural resistance to diseases. Read more now on soulcybin scam

Agaricus Mushroom

The medicinal properties of Agaricus make it the most popular mushroom in many countries. Agaricus has been called "God's Mushroom", because it is a near-miraculous cure for a variety of ailments. It has been used to treat a wide range of diseases and disorders, including those affecting the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps is a powerful macrophage stimulant, which can help your immune system fight bacterial and viral infections. Clinical studies on humans have shown that Cordyceps is effective in treating high cholesterol, impotence/poor libido, lung cancer and chronic kidney disease. Cordyceps is reported to relax smooth muscles. It can be especially useful for treating chronic coughs and asthma.

Maitake Mushroom

Maitake, also known as Dancing Mushroom is a mushroom that is renowned for its health benefits and taste. In Japan, the Maitake Mushroom has been dubbed "King Mushroom". Maitake's fruiting body, mycelium and other parts are used as medicine. Maitake mushrooms have been eaten in China and Japan for over 3000 years. In Japan, Maitake mushrooms were worth their weight in silver many years ago. Maitake was historically used as an adaptogen and tonic. It was consumed as a food that promoted wellness and vitality. In the past, the consumption of the mushroom has been thought to help prevent cancer and high blood pressure - both of which have become the focus of modern research. In the last few years, clinical research on Maitake Mushrooms has increased significantly. Maitake Mushroom Extract has been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit tumor growth and stimulate the immune systems of cancerous mice.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is often called an "immune stimulator." Recent studies have indicated that Reishi can have a number of other effects: Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiviral through inducing interferon production, Lowers blood pressure, Cardiotonic action through lowering serum cholesterol, Expectorant & Antitussive, Liver (Hepatitis)-protecting and detoxifying, protection against ionizing radiation, Antibacterial, and Anti-HIV activity. Reishi is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins C, D and B, including pantothenic, an essential vitamin for nerve function and adrenal glands.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake, also known as "Elixir of Life", has been approved by the Japanese FDA for use in anti-cancer drugs. Lentinan is effective against ovarian, lung, stomach, liver, and bowel cancers. Lentinan can increase the effectiveness of AZT for the treatment of A.I.D.S. by stimulating the production of natural killer cells, T lymphocytes, and T-lymphocytes. Shiitake contains several anti-oxidants, including Selenium, Uric Acid, Vitamin A, C, E and D. Shiitake may lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve libido levels, and stimulate production of Interferon, which is anti-viral. Shiitake has also been shown to be effective in treating Hepatitis.

Yun Zhi Mushroom

Cloud Mushroom or Yun Zhi has been used for a variety of ailments, including pulmonary infections and dampness. It is also known to treat tendons, bones, provide vital energy and support liver health.

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