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A type of housing becoming increasingly popular is the executive condo. This was the first condominium built in 1994. The housing falls somewhere between private housing or public housing. They look a lot like condos. The executive condominiums are often enclosed and have security. Another thing you should note about executive condominiums are the many amenities they offer. There are also clubhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds, and other amenities. Private developers with a good reputation in construction often sell and build executive condominiums. On Altura EC Price you can learn more.

Because the government encourages building, their prices are often lower. Subsidies from government are used to subside land prices. CPF grants, also known as Central Provident Fund grants, can be used by buyers to pay for executive condominiums that are being sold by developers.

These regulations apply to executive condominiums as well as to HBD flats. With respect to ownership, there are a number of limitations and restrictions. For such condos, the minimum occupancy period is five years. The first year is when the executive condominium cannot be put up for rent and can't be completely rented. The citizens can then purchase the property. After 10 years, the foreigner can apply to purchase it.

There are many executive condominiums in various parts. They are also well-known among their neighbors. These condominiums are often located in different areas and can contain many housing options, as well as residential units. They tend to be very luxurious. They usually have lots of space, so they can be used for all kinds of activities.