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As the New Year approaches, it is common to make resolutions that will improve our lives. Many people express their desire to be happy with their weight, wealth, and work by dropping pounds, going to the gym, spending less, and finding work that gives them more satisfaction. On feminine and masculine energy in relationships you can learn more.

Sometimes our resolutions don't work out and other times, we have trouble keeping what we've achieved because of being out of balance. Gender Physics and developing our opposite will help us achieve the most success. It is possible to access our feminine and masculine energy in equal amounts, which will allow us to align our actions with the desires of our heart. This will help us achieve our goals.

Persons who lack the ability to develop their feminine side will have difficulty expressing their feelings. This not only hinders their ability for relationships to develop, but also makes it difficult to identify the work, exercise and other activities that feed their soul. Their creativity and productivity are both affected and their inner drive is misdirected.

In the meantime, people who aren't able to identify their masculines will have difficulty creating and executing an action plan. This hinders their ability of focusing on a goal. It's difficult to establish limits, such as how much food you can eat or how much money to spend. They will always be dependent on others, which robs them of the personal power that comes from self-sufficiency.

The ability to find balance allows us make positive life changes. Although focusing on a goal requires masculine energies, it's the feminine that can give that goal meaning. It takes knowing yourself and using your masculine energy in order to make real and lasting changes in your lifestyle, your finances, or your career.

We live in a world that is heavily dominated and influenced by masculine energy. As such, both men as women need to promote their feminine energy. It is possible to cultivate our sensuality*. That starts with being more mindful and present in ourselves. The masculine energy of masculine is focused on doing things, but the feminine energy is about "being". It's important not to be preoccupied with what we should do, but instead "be". People who have too much feminine energy may need the opposite: Let go of our contemplative selves to take action.

Take deep breaths and relax to be more sensuous. Next, activate your senses.

See more than you look. Pay closer attention to the details. Remember your favorite sights, and how it felt to see them.

2) Don't listen, be present when someone is speaking. Listen to what they're saying. You can recall the most appealing sounds you heard and how it felt to hear them.

Don't just eat. Taste the food. Feel its texture and flavor. What flavors are you most fond of?

4) Don’t touch; Feel. Experience the stimulation of your nerve endings (lips, fingertips, and feet). Which of these do you like the most to touch and why?

Do more than just smell. Experience the aroma. Be present. Allow yourself to take in the scent and then connect with it. What memories and feelings are associated with your favorite scents

Masculine energy works with the senses. However, feminine energy has a different way of experiencing them. Being open to the feminine will allow you to live in the moment, experience the world fully, and help you achieve your New Year's Resolutions. Which senses would you be most open to experiencing life in its fullest?