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How to choose the best place for flower pots

Place the flowerbed near the house entrance or in front of the window so that you can admire it every day. On you can learn more.

The best thing for you, at the very least, until the construction is finished, if there's a building next to your home, is "flower garden in container".

You can use any type of box as containers (ideally no less than 30cm high, 20-30cm in width and any length). The container should have drainage holes. The container should have drainage holes so that seeds can be sown or seedlings can be planted. You must water the garden every day.

It is vital to verify that the flower beds are located on the south (southwest or south-east will also work). Otherwise, the flowers might not last the entire day.

For flower beds, choose flowers

How to make a bed of flowers bloom as early May as possible

Fast and cheap. You can buy ready-made perennial and annual seedlings. Flower beds ready - Plants according the height of the plants

Another way is to have fun and be economical. Plant the seedlings with their own unpretentious annuals. Buy the annual seeds that can be sown directly into soil. Then, go to the store and buy the roots of your favorite perennials or tubercles of bulbaceous. The May flower bed is filled with this assortment of green. It blooms to the end of June.

Tips for beginners: When planting flowers, it is better not to do so in rows. Instead, plant them in groups. This will create a more interesting flower bed. Dahlia tubers bulbs, gladioli, gladioli and Lililies are all essential for your first season. You will not regret it! If you plant them in May on your property, you'll enjoy their blooming plants for the whole of summer. You should dig out gladiolis and dahlias to be ready for the winter. Lily can be grown for many years even if it is not transplanted. Consider how big the bulb will be for the plant.

It is possible to buy or grow perennial plants from seed. You may also find potted plants with a closed root structure. These plants are very easy to grow and can be placed in the garden throughout the season. You can always finish the job in summer if you don’t have enough time during spring.

There are many benefits to perennial plants over annual ones. They must be grown and / or planted only once. They will flourish with good care and will be able to enjoy their flowers for many years.

Astilbes, peony and day-lily as well as campion, daylily, saxifrage, liatris, and saxifrage are all part the more steady perennial. These plants can be taken care of by weeding (especially if they are small), cutting off faded blossoms (if the plant is to rebloom), winter pruning and removing any dry stalks or stems in spring.

Do not forget to include decorative and flowering trees when you are choosing plants for the site. The flower bed plan can include hydrangeas and Japanese spirea and grey, bloodroot, dogwood, barberry, and snowberry.