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Stickers all over your window is the last thing you need. You might end up leaving residue on the windows if you do not know how to remove stickers. In this article I will tell you how to properly remove stickers. To begin with, make sure you're using the right tools for the job. Some jobs can be done with just a putty tool and some water. This works best for brand-new stickers. You just need to spray some water onto the sticker. You can then scrape off the sticker with a putty-knife.

It's best to use another method if the sticker is resistant to removal. Try a vinegar solution if you need more power to remove the sticker. Vinegar will work better with stickers that have been in place for some time. The same as water can be used, but you should only use enough vinegar for it to not drip excessively. The excess vinegar can be soaked up with a soft cloth or towel. Once the sticker has been saturated with vinegar, use the putty to gently remove it. If it is still hard to remove try another shot and repeat until you achieve results.

WD-40 is a stronger chemical that you can use if all else fails. You just need to spray some WD-40 and let the sticker sit. Next, remove the sticker with a cloth. WD-40 can be so powerful that you don't always need a sanding knife. You can use your putty blade if there is still some resistance. Clorox wipes, and baby oil can also be used as alternatives. Baby oil can be used to remove stickers. Simply soak two cotton balls with the oil and apply it directly on the sticker. You can then use a hard and thin object, such as a plastic credit card, to scrape away the sticker. Spend the money on a high-quality glass scraper. But make sure you will use it at least twice. The glass scrapers work much better at removing old stickers. They don't damage the glass. You can remove unwanted stickers from glass by using a scraper. Then, you should use a high-grade degreaser for the remaining glue.