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Types of Charter Yachts

Whatever your budget is, there are three types of basic charters.

The bareboat charter is only for those who are more experienced and have sailed before. The boat owner may insist that you have a qualification from an authority in your country before he will agree to the charter. This qualification may be similar to an Offshore Skipper Certificate depending on where you come from. You are the skipper, mate and deckhand on a bareboat. You are responsible for all aspects of the charter, including watchkeeping, safety, and daily routine. You will need to be familiar with the yacht's routine to be able take on a bareboat. You may want to hire a skipper if you're not very familiar with your yacht or if you don't know what you're doing. You will learn quickly from the skipper, before you take over the yacht on your own. However, it is important to remember that the skipper needs a cabin during his stay on board. Read more now yacht food mallorca

Bareboat charter yachts are likely to be older boats that have served as instruction yachts or been hired by sailors who were not very experienced. As they are used, bumps and scratches have developed from contact with jetties or spills in the galley. You will still enjoy the yacht and get a good deal as it will be cheaper.

You and your group will find the yacht to be easy to manage and comfortable. All of these options are available at the same price or lower than a mid-range cruise ship. The cost of hiring a skipper and a chef/deckhand will be higher. For example, the skipper's salary could reach $300 per day.

You can choose a flotilla if you lack experience or you would prefer to have company. You can sail your yacht with the help of a professional crew and skipper who are leading the flotilla. The flotilla leader will arrange the itinerary for your trip. He has local knowledge and can make it a pleasant vacation. You may decide to sail independent of the flotilla as you gain experience and confidence. However, you can arrange to meet them at the next anchorage or harbor. If you need assistance, you can still stay in touch with the flotilla via radio.

Another category is a yacht with crew. It can range from a skipper/owner to a yacht with a captain, mate, and full crew. It is not uncommon for a husband and wife to crew their yacht together. The wife will take care of all the domestic duties and cook, while the husband crews. The work will be minimal, but you are welcome to be as involved as you like. What is the difference between this and the skippered bareboat? It is that the yacht will be owned by a husband and wife duo and in a better state and maintained. They will be more proud of their yacht, and see themselves as hosts instead of paid crew.

The most expensive option is a fully crewed yacht, but if you have the money to spend on it you will be served and pampered by the crew. You may be able charter a fully crewed yacht if you combine your budget with friends. Luxury and service are key features of yachts that vary in size, style and price. A 46-foot sailing yacht that accommodates four guests costs around $20000 per week, plus other expenses like food, fuel, and berthing charges. A 170 foot motor boat with accommodation for 10 guests will cost around $250000, plus expenses. You can see there are yachts for all tastes at the lower end of the market, as long as your budget allows it.

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